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Photo Story - VIETNAM 2005 - Part 1

Me buying grapefruits on market, Mekong Delta

Floating bar on our way to Four Islands near Nha Trang

Coffee blossoms in Dalat

Beautiful, amazing and colourful story that began at 22nd September 2005 and ended (officially! it's still vivid in my memories) on 4th of November 2005.

Why Vietnam? Why not?

It is different (amazingly), special (as it gets) and most of all far far (for now) away from our (shall I say european?) life style. No hurry, no stress, no boring politician faces...

I've enjoyed travelling up and down the whole Vietanam specially because of its magnificent nature. Passing through all seasons in one month, what a luck!

It surprises you in so many different ways, it touches your senses, your soul and stays forever in your mind.

The most amazing place in Vietnam is Sapa. At least for me. Sapa is placed near Chinese border in North-East Vietnam. It's a mountainous area with countless number of rice fields, bamboo forrests and small minority villages, hidden between ever green hills. But those things aren't most impressive. Children are. Small and tinny kids, walking around barefoot, selling home-made bracelets, earrings and blankets. Kids with dark eyes and breathtaking smiles. Kids in traditional clothings and baskets on their backs. For stuff they are selling.

Barefoot minority kids in Sapa

They are visiting school. Most of them. But only when they aren't needed at home. To work on fields, to watch over younger siblings or animals or to sell stuff to tourists. And that's like most of the time. I was surprised how they are speaking english. They never had english or other foreign languagges lessons at school, but they communicate with tourists easily. They are curiously looking at you with their big dark eyes repeating every new english word that comes from your mouth. They all learned english by themselves, just listening and talking to tourists. Me and Uroš teached two little Black H'Mong girls called Lan Lan and Shom (Shom is their word for bamboo) how to write in english. They only wanted to know how to wrote I Love you, I miss you and things like that. All the time they have walked with us around Sapa explaining their way of life. They are only 15 and 11 years old but with experiences of an adults. Is a hard life if you are woman in those minority villages. Even more if you are a little girl. Lan Lan and Shom are living around 12 to 15 km away from Sapa in a small village called Ta Van. During a week they are staying in Sapa. They share a hotel room with few other girls from around Sapa who are also selling things to tourists. At weekends they left Sapa and walk 12 to 15 km to bring money they have earned to their parents who are living and working in a village. Fathers are mostly making bracelets, earings and necleces for sale when mothers are taking care of a house, little children and animals. Sometimes mothers also left the village and go to Sapa to sell things they have made (blankets, pillows, clothes).

Ceremony at Cao Dai Temple

14 metres high White Marble Buddha in Nha Trang

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